Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fishy Treatment for M.S.?

I ran upon a NYT article about M.S. and a possible treatment to ease the symptoms. Some doctors believe that the symptoms of M.S. are caused by the narrowing of veins in the neck and that the opening of these veins (called 'liberation procedure') can be a treatment for the disease. On the last page of the article another doctor found that 19 of 20 patients with M.S. had narrowed veins in the neck and/or chest. Hmm... is it a coincidence or can M.S. also be a vascular disease?

New York Times Article -

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adrienne said...

What struck me about this article was the stark controversy over an unproven treatment. I am sure this speaks volumes about the intensity of MS. It amazing how much people are willing to put at stake and how scary it must be for both the patients and the doctors who have no clue whether this treatment will work or not.