Monday, February 14, 2011

Blind Spot

Here is a post for a test to see where your blind spots are, just as we spoke about in class. Follow the instructions closely. The blind spot on my right eye is in the center right and has a radius of about 2cm. It was really difficult to get the results for my left eye since I can only wink with my left eye . . . So I was holding my right eye closed, but then I move my glasses in the process and can't seem to find my blind spot on my left eye.

Where do you guys have your blind spot?


Kevin said...

After looking somewhat crazy in the Computer Center, I was able to identify blind spots for both my right and left eye. My right eye's blind spot is actually quite close to halfway between the center and edge of my viewing range, while my left eye's blind spot appears to have been very far off to the left-- close to the edge of my range.

Very interesting!

nel said...

I tried out the java app, and had a trouble finding my blind spot. It seems true that my eye does not like to fixate itself on a still cursor.