Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AMNH Brain Exhibit

Hey guys,
I attached a link to a the videos section of the American Museum of Natural History's Brain exhibit. It's a temporary exhibit, so I recommend that you go there to see it. I went and it was really really interesting.

Unfortunately the exhibit page really doesn't do it justice-- the exhibit itself is incredibly interesting for anyone even remotely curious about the brain. I particularly liked the language section, which actually has one of the videos attached on the site. They talk about the different regions of the brain and how they are activated during particular activities like language processing, etc. They also talk about what we discussed in class sort of as a digression when Professor Tandon was explaining her past work in the retina and optic nerve. They talk about the possibilities of creating devices that can replace body parts by interpreting and sending the right electrical signals.

I highly recommend all of you to go... or perhaps as a secondary class trip =D? If anyone has gone, did you have a favorite section?

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adrienne said...

I actually have been wanting to go here since they had the exhibit, but I just haven't had any time. Maybe if someone wants to set up a day/time we could go as a group? As for the content of the video, the huge diorama of the brain with the strobe lights coming out of it made me think of all the different kinds of electrical stimuli entering/exiting the brain. Going along with their theme of evolution of the brain and relating it to bioelectricity I would like to know how the electrical signals in our brain evolved and also compared to different animals. I know that the exhibits are suppose to be geared toward the general public but I wish they could include more advanced material in their exhibits.