Monday, February 14, 2011

Heads or tails: Cells' electricity decides what to regenerate

This article more or less describes what Professor Tandon was talking about the first day of class with the cells which grew into a mass of heart cells and would beat together, but with flatworms instead.


ninatandon said...

Yes this is Mike Levin from Tufts! A genius, and really nice guy too.

Melody Ma said...

I wonder if the manipulated worm with two tails had a brain anywhere. . . and if it didn't would it cease to function and die.
And from what I understand from the reading, the experiment of the voltage changes is caused by chemicals. I'm not too sure but I think that chemicals spread and disperse from where it was inserted, so I was wondering if they can target the chemicals in a certain portion of an organism (which would be really good for medical benefits).